ESRI Academy

ESRI Academy Here!

ESRI Academy offers a range of products to learn and master the latest technology. The courses are customized for users of different levels for all the extensions and applications offered by the ESRI. The students can utilize the facility of different “Learning Plans” that includes a set of courses tailored for gaining proficiency for an application. The facility is available to all the UW affiliates.

Accessing Esri Academy

  1. Click on the ESRI Academy  or directly access the Course Catalog
  2. The link will take you to the website. On the top right corner of the site, click “Sign In”.
  3. Click on the button in the center “Uw-Mad” , then click “UW NetID LogIN” and log in using your Net Id and password.


Most of the courses can be accessed without payment by the UW affiliates. If you Sign In with Net ID, the courses that require maintenance will show up as free. There will be courses that are instructor led that require fees which will be offered to us for a discount.

Learn ArcGIS

Access guided lessons based on real world problems at Learn ArcGIS. The lessons are offered according to level of expertise and usage for New user, GIS professional, Data Scientist, Student, Teacher and Professor. The tailor made lessons provide the instructions step by step along with pictures. Each lessons  gives links to courses in the ESRI Academy for the topic and suggestions for similar topics that might be helpful.

Latest News

Wondering how to know the latest news and updates in GIS world? Join the mailing list of the ESRI for the news flash and upgrades through the LISTSERV here. Enter your name and email address. Select the subscription type as “Regular”. Finally, click the “Subscribe” button and you are done. The mails include news related to new products, updated versions, innovative projects, upcoming conferences and more.