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Welcome to UW-Madison Geodesign Collaborative

The Geodesign Collaborative is a new departmental working group seeking to foster and improve interactions between academia, industry, and communities at large. Specifically, we are interested in how geodesign — a technological, GIS, and design framework aimed at producing designs that more closely follow natural systems — can augment the goals of such groups. The collaborative will prioritize providing students hands-on professional experience through applying planning and design skills to address the needs of internal and external partners.

Current Activities

  • Providing technical and learning support
  • Connecting Academia, Industry, and Community
  • Deploying emerging geospatial technologies
  • Geodesign Workshops
  • International project on carbon-negative future
  • Exploring drone, 3D, and tabletop technologies

Our Mission

Cultivating a highly interactive engagement model with singularly focused student-to-project ratio for optimum dedication and delivery.

Our vision 

Create a powerful educational exchange between students and partners to cultivate inspiring leaders that enable community growth with consideration to equity, environmental and climate resiliency.