ArcGIS Storymaps

The creative way of story telling!

Add narrative text and multimedia content to enhance your maps through this web based application!

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Instructions for creating a Storymap

  • Sign into ArcGIS Online. If you are signing in for the first time, follow the instructions to access the ArcGIS Online here: ArcGIS Online
  • Once you have signed into the ArcGIS Online, click on the nine dots next to your profile.

AGOL Dashboard

  • Scroll down to find the story maps.

AGOL Catalog

  • Now, another tab will open for Storymap. Click on the tab “Start a Story” for creating the file.

ArcGIS Storymap Dashboard

  • Revisit the Storymap Dashboard to find or edit your project by following the same steps. Your Storymap files will be displayed in the ArcGIS Storymap dashboard.

Publish moves the story map from draft status and enables sharing. The publish option is also the opportunity to decide the level of sharing of your story map.

  • Private: Only the owner of the storymap can see.
  • My organization: The project will be visible to all the ArcGIS Online Users of your organization (here, all UW-Madison faculty, students and affiliates).
  • Everyone (public): All the ArcGIS Online users can view the storymap.
  • Sharing with group: If you want to share the project with a group (maybe your class group for peer review), select the name of the group and then share.

The preview option lets to see how storymap will be visible to the user or audience. There are different modes like tablet, desktop, etc. For instance, selecting the tablet option shows how a tablet user will be viewing your story map. The option appears in the right hand bottom corner, next to which there will be cross mark which can be used to exit the preview mode.

The Storymap automatically saves on a real time basis as you work. For instance, while you are typing a text it will be written “Saving”. As soon as you stop working, in seconds it will be written “Saved”. One can always find the file when you reach back to the Storymap home page.

If one or more people are working on a storymap like someone would like to create storymap with a class, there are few additional steps to be taken.

A group has to be created by an administrator of our ArcGIS Online with editing enabled. Members can be added by invitation or users can request to join the group, which needs to be accepted by the owner or the manager(s) of the group. An item shared like a storymap can be updated by the all the members of such a group. The feature is useful in collaborative work situation where multiple people work at the same time on a storymap.

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