Fees and ordering

Fee Schedule for ESRI Products

Fees are collected by the UW-Madison DPLA on or before August 1 of each year to pay for technical support and maintenance.

We have an order orderf0rm available in pdf format.

  • Individual Licenses. For a few products, per Computer.



    per Year

    ArcGIS Server
    ArcGIS Desktop 10, Advanced (ArcInfo)
        Basic (ArcView) 10 no extensions
  • Workgroup Licenses for small labs at one site with a license server


    Yearly Fee

    Desktop Basic (ArcView)  (10 seats)
    Desktop Advanced (ArcInfo) ( 5 seats)
  • Unlimited Departmental License, copies of media and unlimited rights to install on Departmental computers.


    Yearly Fee

    Departmental License