Webinar: Spatial Data Science and Geovisual Analytics

The Esri education team will be hosting the webinar Gain More Insight Through Spatial Data Science and Geovisual Analytics in Education on November 3 at 10 a.m. (PDT).

Description: Data science skills are in high demand. Spatial data science gives students unique skills and advantages by incorporating location into traditional data science methods. This webinar will show you how to incorporate geovisualization analytics into your courses and equip your students to solve a variety of problems with spatial data science.

The webinar content will consist of:

    • Understanding the value of spatial data for enriching data science
    • Hearing from your peers who teach spatial data science
    • Getting access to resources for teaching, including hands-on exercises and success stories

The speakers you can look forward to hearing from:

    • Ian Muehlenhaus, Sr. Product Engineer, Esri
    • Linda Beale, Program Manager, Esri
    • Michael Howser, University of Connecticut
    • Canserina Kurnia, Sr. Solution Engineer – Education, Esri

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