31st International Cartographic Conference


Planning for the 2023 International Cartographic Conference (ICC) is now underway!

There are a number of things to note:

  1. The deadline for papers and abstracts is fast approaching (Dec. 5 and Dec. 12, respectively)!
  2. Dec. 12 is also the deadline to apply for travel funding through the USNC.
  3. The International Cartographic Exhibition (ICE) will primarily display entries online, with the exception of entries in the categories for atlases, educational products, and other cartographic products.
  4. There is also a limit to the number of ICE entries from a single country (18 online items and 3 physical items), so the selection of U.S. entries for this ICC will be competitive.
  5. The format of the National Report has been simplified to a standardized form provided by the ICA, so there is no longer a need to compile a more comprehensive document, as in the past.
  6. Since the 19th ICA General Assembly will be held in conjunction with the ICC, there are a number of opportunities for contributions from the U.S., including the following (please send these to the USNC Chair at abuckley@esri.com):
    1. Proposals for new or continuing ICA Commissions and Working Groups
    2. Nominations for ICA awards
    3. Memoria for notable scholars and scientists in the U.S. cartographic and GIS community whom we have lost since 2019 (the date of the last ICC)